Acrobatic Moves


The month of April is soon to leave and before we know it, it is already the fifth month of the year! Time definitely flies by so quickly, doesn’t it? As April leaves, I can’t help but be amazed of all the things that transpired this month. Most are things worth thanking for as they made us create some more memories to reminisce when the future becomes today. Of of the things is watching the acrobatic show with my daughter at the university gym. The university acrobatic team definitely showed us class and mastery and they were very impressive!

There was no fooling done when April started as I am not intro pranking or victimizing people with my silly and foolishness but still, I had fun with family, friends, and coworkers who made some April Fool jokes around.

Anyway, I can’t wait what May will bring. I know it will be lighter for me since I am planning to not take any summer classes so hopefully, I will be productive this summer break.

Spring Concert 2016


My daughter’s school’s Spring Concert for this year is coming up soon! It will be this coming Sunday and I can tell how much effort their School Music Director had put in to because she is the kind of person who wants her directed event to be smooth flowing and in its perfection. My daughter is not playing any instrument as it will be a vocal concert for them but she is very interested on the wwbw’s sopranino sax she saw when I was browsing the website because next year, when she will be in Fifth Grade, she is thinking of playing a unique instrument for their school band. Her choice is a trumpet or a saxophone so we will see. Both are expensive musical instruments but it is a good thing that some music websites have great products at a discounted price.


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