LG Rebel: Not Bad!


I finally upgraded the husband’s old keypad phone into a new smartphone! It is not the much-sought Samsung models or iPhones but it is not a bad smartphone. It is LG Rebel and so far, it does what it is supposed to do!

And since we are into saving and economically wise, we are sticking to the Pay As You Go service from Tracfone. For me, Tracfone delivers! It is by far the cheapest form of enjoying a wireless service!

Yes, the husband and I are not into being “in” with gadgets because we are just after the services that we need. We don’t want to pay for expensive cellphone services when we are only using a few minutes of calls but lots of internet connection. So far, this LG Rebel smartphone is so good! The battery is long-lasting. The camera doesn’t take great pictures because it only has a 5MP but the husband is after calling and texting if he is away from us so the camera is not really a much-needed feature.

I think I made a good choice on this phone and service!


Music Girls


My daughter has a new best friend who is a year older than her. Like us, she is a new student at the school, too. The daughter is just a year ahead of her but because she is also a Filipino, they kind of click right away as soon as they got to know each other. Same thing with the parents, we are also good friends now. What is awesome about these girls is that both of them love music and are into musical instruments. They both take piano lessons under one teacher and they will be in the school band together for this year. Z, my daughter’s friend, has mentioned about bt1, accordingly a bass extender, because her older sister has a bass guitar and she said she is considering learning to play one, too. I looked it up online and learned that it is available at some online music store so I should tell Z or her Mom about it.

Meanwhile, it is nice to see your daughter with a friend who has the same likes and habits like her. Of course, good influence is a good choice when it comes to friendship and having a good-natured friend is always a bonus.


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