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Today is the first day of the second month of the year. Already? Yes. Time flies by so quickly. And I am so excited because later this month, we are going to a concert once again of our favorite quartet, the Ernie Haase and Signature Sound. Looking at the website, I can say that we all have a lot of musican friends. I think that’s because we are musicians in our own way as well. In other words, we love music as much as many of our musician friends do.

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About five years ago, it was just our older daughter who was able to see the famous gospel singing group live in concert back in Michigan. Last year, our little daughter was able to join in the fun. This year, it will still be the four of us, God willing. I am so thankful that here where I live, this famous gospel quartet comes regularly to a Baptist church to do a concert. I think we are very lucky as we don’t have to drive far to see them. Plus, admission is very affordable so it makes it even more wonderful.

Having said that, I can’t wait for February 26th!Β For now, let me browse the website to get my husband and daughter the guitar capo they have been asking from me to buy! πŸ˜‰

Wintry Scenery


It is not that bad today for a winter weather so we decided to go out when we were finished with our indoor siesta and take our leftover breads to the pond to share with the ducks. After feeding the fun creatures around us, we managed to do two laps of walk around a mile-round-lake. Because it was the four of us, it was a great time.

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It is wonderful to live in a place where winter is not cruel. You see, even in the late January, it is a warm snow-free day here in Keene! I couldn’t complain of course after conquering 9 years in the frozen tundra. So yes, gone are the days when winter scenes include knee or waist-level of snow on the ground and below zero temperatures. Here where I live now, winter scenes are partly green grasses and serene waters on the lake that gives a reflections of the beautiful atmosphere. I am one lucky soul!

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