Dream Job


For 8 long years, I was a Stay at Home Mom but at the same time, finding ways to be working and earning money while just being home. In other words, I was a Work-from-Home Mom as well. You know what made me earn money while just being home? My online gigs! I have always been a writer by heart and through blogging companies like Triangle Direct Media, I get to do what I love to do which is writing and I get paid to do it. How awesome, right?

When we moved here in Texas two years ago though, my time online has been lessened because I went back to school and was having hectic schedules already as a back-to-school Mom. And then, I got my Nursing Assistant license and was able to land in a hospital job which is also a dream for me. So, since working outside, I have lied low from my online gigs, but time and again, there are still cool opportunities that make me earn, thanks to those blogging companies that keep giving me tasks to write.

If you are into writing and working from home, you might want to research more on blogging and earning money from home.


Blooming Pink and Green


Time and again, I am one happy soul to be living in Northcentral Texas. That’s because of the accessibility to gardening and the soil’s ability to produce good bounties based on what we plant. These days, our backyard blooms pink and green and we could never be more grateful for its beauty,

We used to only wish of growing fruits and veges in our yard. When we were still living up North in Illinois and Wisconsin, it never became a reality. Now, here in Texas, it is our every day life to enjoy such kind of beauty, with bounty.

Yes, we love our green lifestyle.

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