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A Skechers Aviator Sunglasses

Okay, I have online shopped today! I didn’t want to since I am saving to the best of my ability (LOL) for our short Vegas vacation soon, but Skechers sent me a deal that was too good to say pass to so I grabbed it! It’s actually this chic and stylish Skechers Aviator sunglasses:


I am not sure if this will look good on me as I haven’t had an aviator sunglasses yet, ever, plus I am on a prescription eyeglasses, but because this was only sold to me for a total of only  $13.99 from its original price of $59.99 plus FREE shipping, I reckoned it is somehow my gain because I want to try it and I love its elements of being metal, gold color, with a brown lense and is a gradient scratch and impact resistant and an adjustable nose pads, too. I thought it is always a good item to be put in my balikbayan box if it won’t look nice on me. 🙂

Besides, the husband permitted me to buy something for myself for our 8th Wedding Anniversary today as he doesn’t have time to shop around and he figures I know what I want and need. Also, we got our tax refunds (federal and state) already so we’re treating ourselves to some little good nothings!

I know I’m just making a lot of excuses to justify my being a shopaholic so I better end this post now! LOL.

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Interpreting Agency in China

How many languages can you speak? I always envy someone who can speak and understand more than two languages, because I myself can’t. I only know the Philippine National Language which is Tagalog or also called Filipino, and then, English. I speak the local Visayan or Cebuano dialect though– one of the many local dialects in my home country. I am eager to learn two more languages– Japanese and French. And then more.

Did you know that in today’s modern age, you don’t have to go to school to enroll in a language course? Rosetta Translation can help you do it even in just the comfort of your own home. Our church worker’s daughter here wants to become a Chinese interpreter and her way of learning the language is through Rosetta Translation software.

If you are in China or you plan of going to and Chinese is a foreign language to you, there is an interpreting agency in Shanghai that offers interpreting services in order for anyone to not be hindered to have fun while in China. Indeed, being fluent in more than one or two languages is always an advantage.

I have learned that Rosetta Translation is the leading language course online that’s worth enrolling for anyone who is interested to learn a new language. It helps that it can only be done online. That’s means my daughter will have access to it when she decides to learn her desired language other than English.

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