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Lab Coat

I miss the times when I get to wear a lab coat every time we do our lab classes in Physiology class. That sure was very much fun, fascinating, and learning. I’m not sure when I can do it again because for now, I am a full-time homemaker and my schooling will resume maybe next year, but not an in-campus classes but online courses only. I still have my lab coat though from those Pre-nursing classes I have taken before.

Do you know anyone who wears a lab coat?

Bradford Twill Lab Coat

My brother-in-law is a surgeon and we used to send him several lab coats along with other medical devices that he requested. The nice thing about buying them here in the US is that the quality of their fabric and how they’re made is absolutely great! I have bought some nursing outfits from and because I was satisfied of what I got, I can say that the site is worth recommending!

The Final Days Bible Prophecy Seminar

It has been an exciting weekend for us here in Central Wisconsin! Last Friday night, the very first night of the “The Final Days Bible Prophecy Seminar” took place and we were able to attend the meeting. It is a 15-night-study on the books of Daniel and Revelation and it truly is worth seeing and attending because the information are all significant in today’s times and the source of all explanation is the Bible and the Bible alone.

I am thankful that this seminar is being held here at our church this Spring as it gives me the chance to invite my friends around here to hear the special message of the Bible prophecy. Starting last Friday until May 6, this seminar will run and I am excited to attend every night with the husband and the daughter.

The speaker is the young Joe Reeves, an Amazing Facts Bible College graduate and a Theologian, too, from Tennessee.


It is a blessing to be learning more things about what the Bible tells us of our current state of the world and the good news is, with all the chaos and perplexities that the world if going through right now, it is but a sign of Jesus’ second coming and it promises hope that all these shall pass, when Jesus’ second advent will take place.

I wish I can invite all of you to this wonderful meeting! It will surely be a delightful experience!

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