The Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Wind Fan It Is for the Texas Heat!


I have another reason to be blogging again, for a product review most especially, because of the arrival of the Ozeri Ultra Wind Tower Fan! Hey, it is something we, Texans, can make use of for the entire summer so I am truly grateful for this amazing product that reached my home for free, courtesy of Ozeri, with an exchange for my honest review.

So without further ado, I am off to share my say on how this product has been so far, after over a week of using it!

First of all, the box arrived in a super safe packaging. Shout out to Ozeri’s packaging staff because compared to other products shipped to me that can be damaged during the freight and some have really been broken, all of Ozeri’s products that reached my hands have been really well and securely-packaged. This Ultra Wind Fan was doubly placed in boxes and there was never any flaw on it.

Now, the best location in my home where I knew this Ultra Wind Fan can be perfectly positioned and used is in our Sunroom relaxation area.

Our sunroom

This sunroom area is one of our favorite spot to hang out around our home. It is situated in the back end of our house and the sidings in all three sides are glass making you see the entire backyard which gives you the feeling of being out in the nature. However, around this time, Texas has summer weather and we are still experiencing temperatures in the 90’s so even with the feeling of being out in the nature, still, you would still feel hot despite being inside. We set our indoor thermostat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit at this time of the year and although it is already cool enough, still, our skids do sweat.

This kiddo sweats even at temperatures in the 60s!

So, even with our centralized air conditioning, we still have to supplement the cooling using our ceiling and stand fans. Now, the arrival of the Ozeri Ultra Wind Fan is worth mentioning! Right after I have taken it out of the box, I immediately tried it and was so amazed at how good it does and what its features and functions are! First of, it is so easy to assemble and start using that even an amateur ‘me’ was able to figure out its “how to”. Practically, it functions great according to how it says it will function. It has a remote control which comes in very handy and it has is place on the very top part of the fan. And oh, thumbs up to Ozeri for always including its product’s battery in whatever it is that uses batteries. You see, other brands don’t do that; you have to provide your own battery. Its name itself which is “ultra wind” is really what it does. Its other feature is it is adjustable and it is an oscillating fan as well with the noise reduction technology. It has three preprogrammed airflow patterns designed to foster sleep, relaxation and comfort, and 3 whisper-quiet speed settings with 90 degree oscillation for optimal air circulation. It has a timer, too, which you can program through its remote control. Aesthetically, I love its color, its design, and its overall looks. The color blends so well in whatever motif you have in your home. Its overall appearance is really impressive for me! And check out its screen: it displays attractive colors of the settings and operations. It actually looks pretty cool to me and my housemates!


Its space-saving design also deserves a shout-out! The fact that it is a stand fan with a great thin-looking design is definitely a ‘must’ for a stand fan. I placed it in our bedroom a couple times and it’s not bad. Even with our cluttered bedroom (please bear with me as the unpacking and organization of stuff are still not done), it still found a spot to stand and work as great as it should do.


Our sunroom, with the Ozeri Ultra Wind Fan

I really love this stand fan from Ozeri and I am so grateful for this chance to have worked with them! In only less than two weeks of using it, our sunroom relaxation area has never been the same again. It has become even fresher and more conducive to relaxation or learning. Learning because the daughter and I love spending time in this room studying for our classes. And this time, with the Ultra Wind Fan, our sunroom has not only looked better but really cooler! So, this ultra fan has really helped us so far, in beating the Texas summer heat!

If you are interested to see or purchase the product, the Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Wind Fan – Adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan with Noise Reduction Technology, it is currently on sale right now at Amazon. You can also view more of the Ozeri products at their website or check them out at Facebook for their latest promos and offers.

“Disclaimer: There was no monetary compensation made between myself and Ozeri as I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.”

6 Responses to “The Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Wind Fan It Is for the Texas Heat!”

  • Nova says:

    they indeed very gracious and generous with their reviewers and hoping that through the reviews we created it will help their customers to actually find ozeri’s product even more reliable than others as we speak their brand base on the experiences we have. I love the fan, i’m sure it does helps to cool off your space especially during summer season in Texas. Very well said review.

  • jo says:

    The Ozeri stand-fan you reviewed looks so class. It looks really expensive (but I know it’s not) and I guess that color would look well with any color! I wished I had at least two of them. I like because it doesn’t take too much space and as you said, it made your sunroom cooler!

  • I really want one of those fan but can’t afford to buy one lol. Over here, the weather is getting cool each day.

    PS. I love your vibrant living room!

  • That’s one stylish fan for your lovely home! Perfect for summer!

  • Algene says:

    It’s really better to use turbo fans in the living room just like the product you mentioned above 🙂 Aside from it helps users save space, it’s also highly functional! Getting this item is a great deal 🙂

  • Eileen says:

    I love functional space savers. Apartment living does not give me much space so I try to be as minimalist as possible. That Ozeri fan is great. Powerful and classy.

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