Yamaha Synthesizer

I am seeing a composer in the future in my daughter’s name. You see, she has been mumbling about this very cool Yamaha synthesizer keyboard that she spotted online and since it is an open box and therefore on a discounted price, she is wondering if she can afford it using her own money. Well, I told her it is too early for her to be getting this music prop and I think my advice worked!

As a Mom, I won’t stop my children to venture on things that can utilize their potential. If it’s into music- sure. I can sense that she is into playing the piano and arranging pieces Β in her own way but right now, there are much more important things she needs to focus on so I have to guide her first and foremost on the more important things to do.

Nature on Spring break


We did hit the ocean last Spring break and we we had a blast!

In fact, one of my favorite captures is this bird going solo when my three loves are having a great time on the beach.

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We love the nature and any chance we get, we will trek whatever it is that our hearts can find fun and enjoyment. The beach was the most desired escapade last Spring break because for tropical people like us, 4 or 5 years of not having been to the ocean is already too long. I am just thankful we have moved to Texas from the frozen tundra of Wisconsin as Texas gave us the chance to hit the beach in just 5 hours!

How about you– what fun things did you do last Spring break?

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