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Quality, for headphones, is very important if you are into making music in a home studio. I don’t know about you but after owning one, I find shure headphones to be of great quality! I actually didn’t buy what I have right now. It has been sent to me as a gift from a relative in Ohio and sure enough, I love my new shure headphone. My daughter who is into making music also finds this kind of a headphone to be a perfect prop for music lovers. Their sound quality is absolutely amazing and I shall be looking out for the same brand of headphone in the soon future. Who knows, I will be able to afford one if prices will drop down to how much I can afford. It is not for me, of course. It will be for me daughter whom I think will find this musical gear to be awesome!

Busy Day in April

Today has been such a busy day for us! After a trip to the zoo first thing today to make use of the free tickets we got from work, we have to hurry back home so that our 5th Grader is able to catch up the the school bus that will leave for Outdoor School for the 5th and 6th Middle Schoolers. God has blessed, we were able to make it without any unwarranted delays.

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Well, when you are use to multi-tasking or working fast yet sure, this kind of day will just go by unnoticed! I am so thankful for the blessings of strength and protection from Above because it surely kept us going. I can’t wait till it is summer time and that is next month because I am so looking forward to summer break when I don’t have to get up early because it is simply school-free. Until then, I will enjoy the remaining days of being a busy Mama to a busy Middle Schooler!

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